31 October – 2 November / Salem

Unveil the Mysteries


The Enigmatic Gathering of Witches

Immerse yourself in a world of ancient rituals, spellcasting, and potion-making offered by skilled witches in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts. Led by High Priestess Luna, experience a mystical connection like never before.

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Engage in a transformative experience as you indulge in authentic rituals and forge connections with the mystical realm, alongside fellow seekers of arcane wisdom.

Meet the

Enchanting Presenters & Performers

Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse, an experienced witch, brings her deep expertise in divination to guide and empower seekers of mystical knowledge.

Raven Nightshade

Raven Nightshade, a skilled alchemist, weaves potions with ancient wisdom to enhance spiritual connections and personal growth.

Elara Moonbeam

Elara Moonbeam, a renowned spellcaster, invites you to delve into the enchanting world of magic, enhancing your spiritual journey.

Orion Stardust

Orion Stardust, a talented healer, utilizes ancient practices to restore balance and harmony in the lives of participants.

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Moments of Magic & Mystery

Meet the Magical

Coven of Skilled Witches & Organizers

High Priestess Luna

High Priestess Luna, with a lineage traced to the Salem trials, leads the coven with immense wisdom and a profound connection to mystical energies.

Morgan Shadowcaster

Morgan Shadowcaster, an experienced organizer, ensures every ritual and potion-making session flows seamlessly for an enchanting experience.

Willow Moonstone

Willow Moonstone, a dedicated member of the coven, infuses each event with positive energies and facilitates transformative experiences for all participants.

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